August 11, 2022



What is the truth today?   


There are so many different versions of the “truth”, that we decided to list some links of  resources that we support.  


Instead of being negative about teaching we don’t support, we would rather recommend teaching and resources we have found helpful in our walk with Christ

Living In His  Name Ministries.  I have met a few people in my life who are totally sold out for Jesus Christ.  This ministry is one of them.  This ministry is a great resource if you want to develop a deep relationship and love of Jesus.  It’s a great ministry for deep thinkers

Bill Huett.  Bill was a close personal friend of mine.  Bill and his wife, Bev, are no longer with us.  Bill was a great supporter of our church when I was in Bend, Oregon.  Bill had memorized the Book of John.  I was constantly amazed by this man’s walk with God.   I lived with Bill and Bev while I was pastoring in Bend.  There were times I would see Bill crying just because he loved Jesus so much.   I will carry the memory and the legacy of Bill Huett with me in future ministry.