Mother’s Day Strike, Protests planned over leaked SCOTUS news

Timing is everything in the news cycle.  This year, Mom will have to move over and share the headline space with the explosive reaction to the story of the leaked opinion of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe V. Wade.   It is truly ironic that the day meant to celebrate moms is a day targeted for woman to strongly and loudly advocate for the right to kill an unborn child or fetus.    Whatever you want to call “it”, that “entity” if allowed to grow to full term and birth, would result hopefully  in a fully functional and healthy human being.

Catholic and other churches in America are bracing for protestors who promise to disrupt services to send a strong message to the Supreme Court they had better rethink this proposed “decision” on overturning the Roe decision.

A few churches in America have already been hit by graffiti.    It remains to be seen how many protests there are.    One thing is for sure, pastors in larger churches will spend as much time thinking about security and ways to handle to protest as they will spend on the service itself.

Sorry mom…’s 2022 and it appears you have to share the headline space. 

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