Editorial - Nov 22 2022 If You Love Me You Will Keep my Commandments

TJN, the Jesus network, it is time to change the planet. November 22, Tuesday and we pray for America. As we turn on the news, I watch a lot of news spent 43 years in broadcasting most of that, covering news on the small market saying, but we covered a lot of news that had the implications on larger scale statewide, regional and national news.

And of course, we consume news like all the rest of you, and we see all the violence that’s going on in America. We see the stabbings at Moscow, Idaho for the for students were brutally knifed to death, we see that the shooting, recent shooting in an LGBTQ A nightclub. We just saw so much negativity and so much violence on the landscape that is America today. We pray for America every single day at every single meal. And we as Christians need to pray. We need to pray.

And we say this a lot. That is a focus of what we do here at TJ on the Jesus network. We believe that the Bible says that we are to pray constantly, that we are to pray a lot. The Bible talks about persistence in prayer. Then you can say Dave, how can you pray constantly? Well, you’re not praying nonstop, you do have to come up for a breath. And you do have to make a living and you do have to eat dinner and you do have to do other things in life. But we need to make a priority in our life, our prayer life. Because the Bible makes a lot of promises and one promises this.

If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven, and I will heal their land. That’s a promise. If you do this, I will do this as your Lord as your God. If you humble yourselves, if you seek my face, if you pray, and ask me to heal your land, and you do it with the contrite hearts, you do it with a an attitude that you’re praying to God asking for him to solve a major issue. If you seek my face, if you seek an audience with God, and say, Please heal our land, then God will move. If you do this, then I will hear your land. Christians, I think especially in America have have a fast food mentality regards to pray, we do not pray enough.

We do not pray often enough. We do not pray long enough. And you don’t have to sit there and talk for or pray for, you know, six hours. But what I do all throughout the day, at work at the stoplight, wherever I’m at, I’ll just you know, as I’m waiting for the light to turn to turn green. I’ll just sit there and say a prayer. I’ll say a prayer for our leaders. I’ll say a prayer for America, I’ll say a prayer for about the crime issue. I’ll say a prayer about the church. We need to engage in our prayer life and we need to take it to the next level. We need to pray more often. And we need to pray longer. We need to pray diligently and persistently. We need to put value in our prayer life. And it needs to be not that we’re asking for God.

Remember, if my people who are called by my name shall seek my face. In other words, we just don’t want to go to God when we need something. We want to go to God because we want to get to know God better. Prayer is conversation as we read the Word of God. And as we pray to God, we get to know him better. Because we spend more time thinking about God. We spend more time in dialogue with God. And God will reveal Himself to you when you do that. Trust me, it works. Trust me.

The church needs to step it up. The church needs to step up its prayer life. Christians need to do that. If more Americans prayed more often more persistently. I think we’d see change in America. And we need to talk to these people who are Sunday Christians. You need to look at practicing the characteristics and the things the the habits that are that are that are taught in the Bible. The certain behaviors of society that are outlawed outlined outlined in the Word of God. And one of those is our prayer life. And we need to step that up, we need to pay more attention to what the Bible says about how we are to lead our life and lives. America is a great country, America was founded on Christian principles. I think, to a great extent, we’ve wandered from those principles, much like the children of Israel did. In the Old Testament, they would come back to God and they would, they would backslide, and would come back to bad God, and they would backslide, and they would come back to God and they would backslide.

Much like America did. I was reading Corinthians first in Second Corinthians. And the church in Corinth has a lot of similarities to the church in America today. About some denominations and people thinking that they’re better than others, because of their social economic status. That we have allowed this sexually deviant lifestyle to, to take over America. There’s just a lot of sin laden habits that the church in Corinth was involved in the church, and the people of America are involved in as well. I’m watching a TV commercial right here for a local auto dealership, in Tennessee. And they bleep out the words, but they use profanity language to sell their product. WTF has become kind of a logo design symbol under clothing and mugs and so on and so forth. And it’s become the F word has become kind of blase. It kind of accepted in, in civil conversation.

And that’s, that’s not good. That’s not good at all. So if we’re the salt and light of the Earth, as Jesus says Christians are supposed to be, we need to have an impact on society. There’s this pressure going on this, this battle going on between good and evil in America today and of the world. between God and Satan, between what’s right and what’s wrong. And this is this tension, this battle continues. And it’s unrelenting. But we as Christians need to do our part to be unrelenting in this battle, and not give up and not say, Oh, well, that’s just the way it is. It’s the new age that we live in. It’s the young people, it’s whatever.

We cannot give up the fight. We must be persistent. In our character, in things that we allow, we must be persistent prayer. And we must say, you know, I’m a Christian. And this isn’t cool. If you’re a business owner, and you’re looking at doing TV commercials, and even though you bleep out the profanity. The inference that you using profanity to sell your product is not a good thing. It’s not a cool thing. It’s not a godly thing. And the more and more companies that do that, that’s the farther down the slippery slope of sin, that we as Americans slide, we as a nation slide. And we need we need to get a handle on that. Pray for America every day. And take a look at the things we do in in our normal day to day life.

For telling off color jokes at work and, and stuff like that. We need to not do that. We need to ask God for the power of His Holy Spirit to resist sin and not replicated or further, the slide down the slope of sin that America is on today. do our part. follow God. If Jesus said, If you love me, you’ll keep my commandments. So do we love Jesus? TJ and the Jesus network, it is time to change this nation. It’s time to change the planet.