Editorial - Nov 22 2022 Pray for Law Enforcement in Moscow Idaho murders

TJN, the Jesus network, it is time to change the planet. It’s Tuesday, November 22 2022. We pray for law enforcement in Moscow, Idaho to find out who committed this, this heinous, horrific barbaric knife murders of four students at the University of Idaho.

We pray for a breakthrough in the case, we pray for wisdom for the investigators. And we pray for a break in this case, so that those the person or persons who committed this crime can be brought to justice and have to pay for this horrific act. They committed in Moscow, Idaho, in which four students were brutally murdered while they slept. God help the investigators find the suspect in this case and bring them to justice.

We pray for the families for the unbearable grief that they are suffering for the community as well. Lord, we pray for our break in this case. Those who’ve committed this can be Unknown Speaker 1:07 brought to justice. We pray for Your forgiveness, even though it’s hard for us to imagine how to forgive somebody for this kind of crime. Unknown Speaker 1:20 But the person who committed this crime needs to be brought to justice and we pray for divine intervention in this case, to make that happen. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.