Nov 18 2022, The Chosen Season 3 in theatres now


TJN, the Jesus network, USA heartbeat and street level America,

it is in theaters. Now. It’s called the chosen season three episodes one and two. The chosen is the life of Jesus Christ. And as season three picks up, it tells the story of when Jesus selected the 12 disciples,

the apostles, and they went around the world to spread the story, the good news of Jesus Christ,

seasons one and two, were online. It has been the biggest, most successful crowdfunding of a motion picture series in the history of motion pictures. It’s an epic, and people love it, it’s very well done.

But this time, season three starts on the big screen and the movie theaters. Episodes one and two of season three will be on the big screen.

And they will be available online for free if you want to watch it there. But if you want to have the big movie, screen experience, you can see it now. In the movie theaters.

Watch it, it’ll change your life. Also coming up February 24. Another movie to watch. This is called the Jesus revolution. And the story of the Jesus revolution of the 70s. Remember the Holy Rollers when all of the drug addicts in California turned to Jesus? The Holy Roller movement? Well, they made a movie about it. It really, really happened. And that’s coming February 24.

So two movies to watch. The chosen season three episodes one and two in theaters now. And the Jesus revolution coming up February 24, put it on your calendar and go to the movies and enjoy the story.

The greatest story ever told of Jesus Christ the chosen in theaters now. TJM the Jesus network USA heartbeat and street level America. The story of Jesus Christ it will change your life