Christianity is declining in America, what is your reaction?

As we listen to the news, see what has become the societal “norm” and listen to the language of today…..the latest numbers from Pew Research are not a surprise.    Of those surveyed, numbers of the faithful have dropped 12 % in the last ten years.  It breaks our hearts.    But it doesn’t take God by Surprise.   In the Bible, there are many warnings about a great “falling away” (2 Peter 2 1-3, Matthew 24:23-26   1 Timothy 4:1-2)

   We can take heart in two things.  This is not a surprise to us or to God.  There is also a reward to those who remain faithful.  The biggest reward is eternal life through Christ Jesus.   
 When Jesus asked the disciples who the world thought he was, he followed it up with asking Peter who he thought Jesus was.   Christ then said His church would be built on those who professed Christ.  Christ was concerned with what Peter thought, and he is concerned with what you think. (Matthew 16:13)
The fate of your salvation is not a majority rule question.  It is your choice.   Don’t let majority rule decide your eternal fate.   (Matthew 10:32)  (Joshua 24:14-24)

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