Mark Wahlberg stars in this true story about Father Stu.  Stuart Long is a foul mouthed amateur boxer from Montana who is headed down the wrong path.   It’s a story of redemption as Stuart is called by God to go a  different path, despite a terminal illness.  


It has been the largest and most successful video promotion and production to use crowd funding.   The first few episodes of Season Three are now being shown on the big screen.   The series is still available to watch free on line.   It is The Chosen, Season Three.

THE JESUS REVOLUTION (to be released Feb 2023)

It was called the Jesus  Movement or the Jesus Revolution of the 70s.  Hippies and drug addicts came to Jesus by the thousands.  It started in California and spread across America.  The young people started their own denomination (Calvary Chapel) when the traditional church did not receive them.  Look for the movie as it tells the story. 

I STILL BELIEVE, the true story of Russ Taff

He was called by God with a musical talent.  But, as often happens, things go sideways as Russ uses alcohol to deal with the stresses of life.  It’s a story of a man being called, the damage that happens when sin enters, but God is still able to recover anyone.   There is restoration. 


This is one of my all time favorites.  The true story of Angus Buchann, a South African farmer called by God to share the gospel.  Angus is not a person you would think would be called by God.  He is angry, determined to do it all himself and he doesn’t need anyone helps.  It is a reminder that God still changes the Sauls of Tarsus into Paul the Apostle.    It still happens.

What if you took Jesus to dinner?