Editorial – Nov 27 2022 The Problem with Society Today


Editorial - Nov 27 2022 The Problem with Society Today

TJN, the Jesus network, it is time to change the planet. Why is there so much division in America today and in the world, but let’s talk about America.

I was watching a TV news show. And the man who was interviewed was a playwright.    In liberal Hollywood.  And the commentator asked him,    Why is there so much division in America?     And the answer was from the guest, that we have removed God from the center of our universe.

And we put ourselves in there we’ve taken the rules of conduct and the behaviors of society that God established, and we’ve replaced it with our own. And that is why he believes we have so much division and strife in America today.  We’ve taken God out of the center.  I totally agree with that synopsis. Totally agree with it.

But just look at it. As as we follow God’s mandate, as we love one another, and love God, as we love and care and give to one another. As we work together, as we make an effort to love and work together, it creates this bond this, this unity, this camaraderie in society where we were working together, it creates a smooth oiled machine called society.

and it works. But when we put ourselves in the center, and we can say, the universe, the axis of the universe goes right to the center of my body, the Trinity is me, myself, and I,  and I am the captain of my own ship. I decide what’s right and wrong. And we have each of these little worlds spinning around bumping into each other.

And we wonder why we have so much conflict, because everyone is creating their own right and wrong. And his conflict because it doesn’t agree with the neighbors universe, and it bumps into that universe. And then we have lawsuits, and then we have fights. And then we have all this kind of drama.  Lin work, it’s not working. 

I believe God is saying, Okay, how’s that working for you? It’s not working too well.  In the early days of the Old Testament, the children of Israel did the same thing. They followed God, and then they fell away and things became a mess. And they came back to bug God again, and this was a cycle that repeated 

Why do we have to do that?Things go so well, when we follow God  goes so badly when we become the Trinity.  Let’s get back to God.  And you can say well,  nobody else is doing it. So why should I do it?  If everybody else is going to have their own thing, why don’t I just have my own thing and least grab all the gusto that I can.  Because it’s not going to work. God promises a peace that surpasses all understanding.

And when you obey His law, I believe he will bless you, there will be good. There’ll be hard times. And there may be conflict because the other universes don’t agree with your god universe.

And they will try to discredit and disparage and call you out.  But God those promises pieces surpasses all understanding. And there are some in those in the Christian community that say, well, what’s the what’s the use, because we can’t, but we can’t bail the ocean out with a teaspoon. Everybody’s going their own way. And God is going to come back anyway and destroy all this and greatest new utopia.

So I’ll just kind of go to church and hang on to the hang on to the seat belt and the safety rail and the guardrail, and I’ll just kind of hang on and wait for God to come back. The problem with that is a couple of scriptures. Number one, Jesus said Do not worry and doing good. But the most important one, I believe, as several levers but the most important one I’m going to use right now is the parable of the talents.

Matthew 25 Verse 14,  and he gives us as a story and when Jesus tells stories Listen, for it will be like a man going on a journey who called his servants and entrusted them his property. To one he gave five talents to one two, to another one each according to his ability. Then he went away.

He would receive the five talents whether it once and traded with them and made five talents more. So also he who had the two talents made two talents more, but he would receive the one talent went and dug it in the ground and hid his masters money. Now the master came back settled accounts, and he had received the five talents came forward bringing five talents more  are saying, Master you delivered to me five talents I’ve made you five talents more master said to him Well done good and faithful servant can’t hear.

That’s what you want to hear God say to you, all right?  God says, are the master in this case you’ve been faithful over a little I will set you over much Enter into the joy of your master.  And he also who had the two talents came forward and saying master your game in two talents I have made two talents more of the master said Well done good and faithful servant you have been faithful over a little I will set you over much enter in the joy of your master.

He also who had received the one talent came forward saying Master I know you’re to be a hard man, reaping what you did not sow and gathering what you and your scattered no seed. So I was afraid and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here is what is yours. But the master answered him, You wicked and slothful servant lazy, you knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I’ve scattered no seed, then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers.

And at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. So he took the talent from him and gave it to him who had the 10 talents. For to everyone who has four to everyone who has well more be given. And he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not even what he had will be taken away from him, and cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. And that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

That’s not what you want to have.  So hanging out in the church and not doing anything to further the masters work. Not a good thing.  Long term, it’s not a good recipe for what happens when God comes back and says, Tell me what you’ve been doing with the talents I gave you.  What you want to hear is well done good and faithful servant. So I say that to say this, in this time that we’re in this this world we’re living in, that is filled with strife and anti Christ to behavior. 

The master has given you a talent and a knowledge that God is good, that God will empower you with His Holy Spirit to do good works, that God will give you this peace of surpasses all understanding that God will help you but you need to do your part, and go out and do it. Now. It’s not good works that save us. But good works are an evidence that we have been saved. 

Because if we’ve truly been saved, we want to do good things. We want to help people. We want to be more like Jesus Christ, who was a perfect example of a servant leader.  Well done good and faithful servant. That is what you want to hear at the end of the day.  So the problem in society,  we have made ourselves God, we have made ourselves definers of righteousness, we have made ourselves definers of good and evil. We have made ourselves definers of life and the end of life and who lives and who dies.

We have literally put ourselves in the role of God.  It’s not going to be well when the master comes back.  And it’s not working well for us now.  So  let’s do good. Let’s do God’s work. Let’s let’s  let’s do it. Let’s do the right thing. Let’s worship God, let’s love one another. And let’s do business let’s do  let’s let us do the work of God.  Now U there’s going to be a good reward in the end.  And we are also going to benefit but others are going to benefit because we had the courage to do the right thing to do the God thing.  So let’s work together in a God fearing society. 

And share the goodness and grace and mercy and compassion of Jesus Christ in the world today. The desperately needs to know truth and love  and healing and life. This is TJ and the Jesus network it is time to change the planet

Editorial – Nov 24 2022 Prayer for Thanksgiving


Prayer - Thanksgiving Day

TJN, the Jesus network, it is time to change the planet. Prayer is essential. The Bible talks a lot about the persistent prayer of the righteous avails much, too.

Let’s pray. God, we thank you for this day. We thank you for America. God, we ask that you intervene in this country. We asked you to intervene in the affairs of our leaders. We asked that they lead us in a godly way.

We thank You, Lord for freedom. We ask that you heal America. We thank you for family and friends, we thank you for this food before us. Lord, we pray for those who do not have food today. And we pray for those who do not have family today. That they feel love, that they experience love. From the fellowship of believers.

We pray that the church reaches out to the disenfranchised, and loves them on this Thanksgiving Day. God, thank you for the gift of your son, who has taken our sins away, and has allowed us entrance into heaven, eternally. God, there’s so much we’re praying for for America to be healed.

The Lord on this day of thanksgiving, let us pause and give thanks for the things that benefit our lives and the things that we appreciate. But seldom say thank you for thank you for family and friends. Thank you for love that you’re for health. Thank you for Jesus Christ. On this Thanksgiving Day, we pray, Amen.

Editorial – Nov 22 2022 Do Not Weary in Doing Good


Editorial - Nov 22 2022 Let us Not Weary in Doing Good

TJN the Jesus network, it is time to change the planet, I spend a great deal of time watching the news, kind of an occupational hazard.

I’ve spent 43 years in journalism. And so that’s what I do. I watch the news. It’s my career. It’s, it’s what I do. And I can understand to help people that don’t consume news, quite as ferociously as I do, are sick and tired of it and just turn it off and say, I can’t deal with it. It’s just too much. It’s just too much bad news. It’s too much violence, it’s just too much, just too much.

 It’s too much against values that we’ve hold held dear in America for decades. 

what I want to share with you now is Galatians, chapter six, verse nine.  And I believe we as Christians need to spend a lot of time in prayer and a lot of time in the Word of God. 

Why? Because it’s God speaking to us through the ageless words of the Bible. 

None of this has taken God by surprise.  He knows that what’s going on now he’s knows what’s going to happen next. And we don’t. 

And so in his love letter to us,  he’s giving us advice. And he’s telling us how to live our lives. And he is telling us not to give up.

So we got to Galatians, six, nine,  about bearing one another’s burdens.  And the thing I love about this Galations 6:9  Let us not grow weary in doing good for in due season, we will reap if what we do not give up. So then as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are in the household of faith.

So in other words, don’t eat your own.  Maybe a bad analogy, but I’ll use it anyway. Be kind to those in church.  Often times, when things get really, really stressful, it’s easy to be critical of our brothers and sisters. 

 We’re under a lot of stress in America today in the world with all of the stuff going on.  So let us come together as people of Christ, let us come together as Christians, let us look at building bridges. 

I’m going to say it…………. across denominational lines, because we’re going to need to,  gather the wagons around here and realize that we all are stronger together as the combined Church of Christ.

The church that calls Jesus Christ Lord. 

Let us not grow weary in doing good for in due season we will reap if we do not give up so then as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who have the household of faith. 

In the final warning and benediction in this chapter in Galatians, six, Paul is writing to the church. I’m going to jump down to verse 14 here, but far be it for me to boast accepting the Christ accepting the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.

For neither circumcision counts for anything, not uncircumcision but a new creation. Basically, he’s saying a  in the church in Galatia.  They were really bound up over this issue of circumcision, you know, if you’re not circumcised if you’re not of the Jewish  race, and if you’re not circumcised, then you know you’re not you’re not in the “cool group”.   Paul saying Listen, guys,  it’s not circumcision, its Christ. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding and he will make your paths straight. certain scriptures in the Bible just constantly jumped out at me today as I listened to the news as a as I do commentaries for other platforms.

There’s just a lot of stuff out there today.  But we need to always come back to the Word of God come back to our faith in Christ. I feel sorry for those folks who do not have an anchor that is Christ to hang on to in this world that is just in turmoil. Right now.  God promises the peace that surpasses all understanding.   As the world looks at us as Christians……   if we’re stirred up and and as angry and as  lost as everyone else,.        they’re gonna say, Well, what good is your God because you’re just as messed up as we are. 

There’s an old saying,  preach the gospel and all season.  And if necessary, use words.

People are looking at how we’re responding, reacting to the world around us.  As we especially as we push politically and as we push for issues that are near and dear to our hearts, like abortion, and same sex marriage and things that that we as Christians take, really seriously,  Let us speak the truth and love. 

It’s gonna be difficult, but let us do it. And let us do it with the help of God’s Holy Spirit. This is TJN, the Jesus network it is time to change the planet

Editorial – Nov 22 2022 Pray for law enforcement in Moscow Idaho murders


Editorial - Nov 22 2022 Pray for Law Enforcement in Moscow Idaho murders

TJN, the Jesus network, it is time to change the planet. It’s Tuesday, November 22 2022. We pray for law enforcement in Moscow, Idaho to find out who committed this, this heinous, horrific barbaric knife murders of four students at the University of Idaho.

We pray for a breakthrough in the case, we pray for wisdom for the investigators. And we pray for a break in this case, so that those the person or persons who committed this crime can be brought to justice and have to pay for this horrific act. They committed in Moscow, Idaho, in which four students were brutally murdered while they slept. God help the investigators find the suspect in this case and bring them to justice.

We pray for the families for the unbearable grief that they are suffering for the community as well. Lord, we pray for our break in this case. Those who’ve committed this can be Unknown Speaker 1:07 brought to justice. We pray for Your forgiveness, even though it’s hard for us to imagine how to forgive somebody for this kind of crime. Unknown Speaker 1:20 But the person who committed this crime needs to be brought to justice and we pray for divine intervention in this case, to make that happen. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen.

Editorials – Nov 22 2022 If You Love Me You will Follow my Commandments


Editorial - Nov 22 2022 If You Love Me You Will Keep my Commandments

TJN, the Jesus network, it is time to change the planet. November 22, Tuesday and we pray for America. As we turn on the news, I watch a lot of news spent 43 years in broadcasting most of that, covering news on the small market saying, but we covered a lot of news that had the implications on larger scale statewide, regional and national news.

And of course, we consume news like all the rest of you, and we see all the violence that’s going on in America. We see the stabbings at Moscow, Idaho for the for students were brutally knifed to death, we see that the shooting, recent shooting in an LGBTQ A nightclub. We just saw so much negativity and so much violence on the landscape that is America today. We pray for America every single day at every single meal. And we as Christians need to pray. We need to pray.

And we say this a lot. That is a focus of what we do here at TJ on the Jesus network. We believe that the Bible says that we are to pray constantly, that we are to pray a lot. The Bible talks about persistence in prayer. Then you can say Dave, how can you pray constantly? Well, you’re not praying nonstop, you do have to come up for a breath. And you do have to make a living and you do have to eat dinner and you do have to do other things in life. But we need to make a priority in our life, our prayer life. Because the Bible makes a lot of promises and one promises this.

If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven, and I will heal their land. That’s a promise. If you do this, I will do this as your Lord as your God. If you humble yourselves, if you seek my face, if you pray, and ask me to heal your land, and you do it with the contrite hearts, you do it with a an attitude that you’re praying to God asking for him to solve a major issue. If you seek my face, if you seek an audience with God, and say, Please heal our land, then God will move. If you do this, then I will hear your land. Christians, I think especially in America have have a fast food mentality regards to pray, we do not pray enough.

We do not pray often enough. We do not pray long enough. And you don’t have to sit there and talk for or pray for, you know, six hours. But what I do all throughout the day, at work at the stoplight, wherever I’m at, I’ll just you know, as I’m waiting for the light to turn to turn green. I’ll just sit there and say a prayer. I’ll say a prayer for our leaders. I’ll say a prayer for America, I’ll say a prayer for about the crime issue. I’ll say a prayer about the church. We need to engage in our prayer life and we need to take it to the next level. We need to pray more often. And we need to pray longer. We need to pray diligently and persistently. We need to put value in our prayer life. And it needs to be not that we’re asking for God.

Remember, if my people who are called by my name shall seek my face. In other words, we just don’t want to go to God when we need something. We want to go to God because we want to get to know God better. Prayer is conversation as we read the Word of God. And as we pray to God, we get to know him better. Because we spend more time thinking about God. We spend more time in dialogue with God. And God will reveal Himself to you when you do that. Trust me, it works. Trust me.

The church needs to step it up. The church needs to step up its prayer life. Christians need to do that. If more Americans prayed more often more persistently. I think we’d see change in America. And we need to talk to these people who are Sunday Christians. You need to look at practicing the characteristics and the things the the habits that are that are that are taught in the Bible. The certain behaviors of society that are outlawed outlined outlined in the Word of God. And one of those is our prayer life. And we need to step that up, we need to pay more attention to what the Bible says about how we are to lead our life and lives. America is a great country, America was founded on Christian principles. I think, to a great extent, we’ve wandered from those principles, much like the children of Israel did. In the Old Testament, they would come back to God and they would, they would backslide, and would come back to bad God, and they would backslide, and they would come back to God and they would backslide.

Much like America did. I was reading Corinthians first in Second Corinthians. And the church in Corinth has a lot of similarities to the church in America today. About some denominations and people thinking that they’re better than others, because of their social economic status. That we have allowed this sexually deviant lifestyle to, to take over America. There’s just a lot of sin laden habits that the church in Corinth was involved in the church, and the people of America are involved in as well. I’m watching a TV commercial right here for a local auto dealership, in Tennessee. And they bleep out the words, but they use profanity language to sell their product. WTF has become kind of a logo design symbol under clothing and mugs and so on and so forth. And it’s become the F word has become kind of blase. It kind of accepted in, in civil conversation.

And that’s, that’s not good. That’s not good at all. So if we’re the salt and light of the Earth, as Jesus says Christians are supposed to be, we need to have an impact on society. There’s this pressure going on this, this battle going on between good and evil in America today and of the world. between God and Satan, between what’s right and what’s wrong. And this is this tension, this battle continues. And it’s unrelenting. But we as Christians need to do our part to be unrelenting in this battle, and not give up and not say, Oh, well, that’s just the way it is. It’s the new age that we live in. It’s the young people, it’s whatever.

We cannot give up the fight. We must be persistent. In our character, in things that we allow, we must be persistent prayer. And we must say, you know, I’m a Christian. And this isn’t cool. If you’re a business owner, and you’re looking at doing TV commercials, and even though you bleep out the profanity. The inference that you using profanity to sell your product is not a good thing. It’s not a cool thing. It’s not a godly thing. And the more and more companies that do that, that’s the farther down the slippery slope of sin, that we as Americans slide, we as a nation slide. And we need we need to get a handle on that. Pray for America every day. And take a look at the things we do in in our normal day to day life.

For telling off color jokes at work and, and stuff like that. We need to not do that. We need to ask God for the power of His Holy Spirit to resist sin and not replicated or further, the slide down the slope of sin that America is on today. do our part. follow God. If Jesus said, If you love me, you’ll keep my commandments. So do we love Jesus? TJ and the Jesus network, it is time to change this nation. It’s time to change the planet.

Editorial Nov 22 2022 Be Thankful for Jesus

Editorial Nov 22 2022 Be Thankful for Jesus

TJN, the Jesus Network Time to change the planet, it is November 22, Tuesday a couple days away till Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for Christ, we are thankful for God who sent His Son to die for us. So that we do not have to pay the penalty for our sins, and that we can live eternally with God. When Sid entered the picture back in the book of Genesis, when the devil deceived Eve, and they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they they partook in sin.

Sin enter the human race. And it’s been it’s been a problem ever since. The first murder occurred in the second generation of humanity on the planet. So we can see the far raging aspects of sin in the world today. So we are thankful that God has made a way for us to have reconciliation, repentance, and a real way to come back into fellowship with God. We are thankful for the cross, we are thankful for the Christ, we are thankful for the Son of God who gave his life as a ransom for many, and who died a horrible death.

So we are the penalty for our sins can be paid is paid. As we accept that, and we come into right relationship with God. We can come back into the family of God, as we have to do is accept it. It’s a free gift. Just come by faith, believing and come with an open heart open mind saying God, I’m a sinner, I need you in my life. I accept you as Lord and Savior. And I accept the gift that you gave me a free entry into the kingdom of God simply by accepting the fact that I’m a sinner and I need a Savior. And Jesus Christ is that savior who paid the price for my sins. It’s a free gift. It’s it’s the most precious gift of all.

And it’s something that we need to be thankful for God and the gift of His Holy Spirit to allow us to empower us to live a godly life is another amazing gift for an amazingly loving and compassionate God. So as we count our blessings on this Thanksgiving Day coming up, we’re thankful for Jesus Christ, His death on a cross, painful and and horrific as it was. There needed to be a price for our sin for my son, your sin, Jesus paid that we’re thankful for that. We’re thankful for the Son of God coming to earth as a baby babe in a manger, teaching us the way.

We’re thankful to her for a compassionate and loving and gracious God, to accept us back into the family instead of wiping us out. We’re thankful to God we’re thankful to Jesus, we’re thankful for the cross. We’re thankful for the Bible, the Holy Word of God that shows us the teachings of God how we should live our lives. We’re thankful for the gift of the wonderful Holy Spirit to empower us to lead a godly life in an ungodly world. So there is a lot to be thankful for. On this Thanksgiving holiday upcoming.

We are thankful to God. This is TJ on the Jesus network. It is time to change the planet. God thank you for your son, as we count our blessings on this Thanksgiving holiday

Editorial Nov 18 2022 The Chosen Season 3 in theatres

Nov 18 2022, The Chosen Season 3 in theatres now


TJN, the Jesus network, USA heartbeat and street level America,

it is in theaters. Now. It’s called the chosen season three episodes one and two. The chosen is the life of Jesus Christ. And as season three picks up, it tells the story of when Jesus selected the 12 disciples,

the apostles, and they went around the world to spread the story, the good news of Jesus Christ,

seasons one and two, were online. It has been the biggest, most successful crowdfunding of a motion picture series in the history of motion pictures. It’s an epic, and people love it, it’s very well done.

But this time, season three starts on the big screen and the movie theaters. Episodes one and two of season three will be on the big screen.

And they will be available online for free if you want to watch it there. But if you want to have the big movie, screen experience, you can see it now. In the movie theaters.

Watch it, it’ll change your life. Also coming up February 24. Another movie to watch. This is called the Jesus revolution. And the story of the Jesus revolution of the 70s. Remember the Holy Rollers when all of the drug addicts in California turned to Jesus? The Holy Roller movement? Well, they made a movie about it. It really, really happened. And that’s coming February 24.

So two movies to watch. The chosen season three episodes one and two in theaters now. And the Jesus revolution coming up February 24, put it on your calendar and go to the movies and enjoy the story.

The greatest story ever told of Jesus Christ the chosen in theaters now. TJM the Jesus network USA heartbeat and street level America. The story of Jesus Christ it will change your life

Living In His Name Ministries


Living In His Name Ministries is a group of individuals called to be in close relationship with God Almighty, living His Life out loud in wisdom, conduct, and character, in evidence of the presence of Jesus Christ in a world of declining values.   Click to to visit their website

TJN The Jesus Network is not directly affiliated with LIVING IN HIS NAME MINISTRIES, but we support what they do.

We Need Jesus to Save America

the Jesus network it is time to change the planet. We need to pray for America every single day. I believe America had its beginnings as a Christian nation. By definition, if you look at the latest surveys most people questioned in the surveys who say America is not a Christian nation because they don’t profess faith in Christianity. 
So if you go by the majority today, you can say America is not a Christian nation. That doesn’t bode well for our future. We as Christians need to stand in the gap we as Christians need to pray we as Christians
 need to witness to about Christ to our friends and neighbors. We need to share with them the love of Christ. We need to work we need to work in this time and effort to be ambassadors for Christ. Psalm chapter 43, verse one, vindicate me, oh god and defend my cause against an ungodly people from the deceitful and unjust man, deliver me. Ecclesiastes chapter five, verse eight. 
If you see  the oppression of the poor and the violation of justice and righteousness, Do not be amazed at the matter for the high official as watched by a higher and there are yet higher ones over them. Jeremiah chapter 22, verse three through five, that says the Lord to do justice and righteousness and deliver from the hand of the oppressor, him who has been robbed, and do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place. For if you will, indeed obey this word. Then there shall enter the gates of this house kings who sat on the throne of David, riding in chariots and on horses, they and their servants and their people. But if you will not obey these words, I swear by myself declares the Lord, that this house shall become a desolation. Do justice and righteousness and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. We can’t divorce ourselves from the world we live in. 
We need to do everything we can to lead lead to lead, to live godly lives. And to witness unto others the grace and forgiveness and love and compassion, grace that is Jesus Christ. That can be very difficult in the world in which we live today. But Jesus lived in a world that was also very much like the world we live in today. A world that was filled with corruption, and thievery. In fact, he made some of the thief’s his disciples. Matthew, the tax collector, became a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus spent a lot of time in the homes of sinners and prostitutes because Jesus said, it’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but it’s the sick. And Jesus was condemned for spending way too much time for with sinners. But Jesus said, I came to seek and save that which was last. 
God has you here for such a time as this in America today. When we need prayer warriors, we need people who will stand up stand firm on their faith stand firm on their convictions don’t give in to what society is trying to tell you about abortion, about the roles of men and women as birthing people. Unknown Speaker 4:03 And gender bending ideology. We need to stand firm on the Word of God. Unknown Speaker 4:11 One of the things that’s interesting to me is I’m a pastor and I married people. And most of the people who have called me asking for officiants for wedding serve services. Are people wanting to marry the same sex? How far we have come? How far we have slid. The Bible says do not weary in doing good. Don’t give up one of the websites. We’re going to start. We’ve registered the domain and we’ll be building the website at some point in the future. is a website called Keep me in the game And we’re going to use this as a suicide outreach prevention. But keep me in the game. When I’ve had health issues in the past, my prayer to God is, God, heal me, keep me in the game, keep me in the game. It’s almost like you’re going to the coach and saying, coach, keep me in the game. Just keep me in the game. I’ll do everything I can to play and win for the team. 
Just keep me in the game. Just keep me in the game. And the reason I started praying that was I heard a lot of Christians saying, You know what, I really wish God would would just come or God would just take me home and I wouldn’t have to live in this corrupt society. That’s not my prayer. My prayer is keep me in the game. Coach, keep me in the game. Keep me in the game. I know it’s tough out there. But keep me in the game. Heal me so I can keep in the game. Keep me in the game. And God as I’m in the game, give me the courage. Give me the health. Give me the fortitude. Give me the wisdom. To to be ambassadors for Christ, not to build up my ministry, you’re not to build up me in the eyes of man, but to build up Christ. I love the preaching of Billy Graham, Billy Graham talks about Jesus Christ Jesus, Jesus, and the kingdom of God. Once Billy gets into a sermon, he doesn’t talk about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He’s talking about Christ. 
The apostle Paul in the Bible says, I know I, I endeavored to know nothing are talking about nothing other than Christ and Him crucified, that is the spirit. And that is that is the passion that is the fire that should burn within us as Christians, as we preach the gospel. I know nothing. I seek nothing. I tell you nothing other than Christ Jesus and him crucified, For in Him is the life of men. Jesus Christ is what will save us today and Jesus Christ is what will save you. I endeavor to not be eloquent of speech. I endeavor to talk only about Christ Jesus name crucified. I watched a video one time of a biker gang, a biker gang member who was converted to Jesus and this, this gang member, all they could do is say Jesus, I love you, Jesus, I love you, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, about every sixth word he said was Jesus. He was just raptured with the love of Jesus, he was just blown away. By God. He was in love with God, a biker gang member. That is the passion that’s the fire that should drive us. It’s not to build our own ministry. It’s not to build us. It’s to share Jesus. In a world that is lost, dying, hopeless. We are to bring hope and light and a future for a world that is desperately searching for answers. Because everything they turn to is shifting sand.
 And you have the answer, you have the hope. So they look to you and they say, Okay, talk to me about this Jesus thing, because everything else seems to be lying to me, or I can’t count on it. Or it didn’t work out. Is your God real? Because I’m really searching for something that is. And I think you’ll find a lot of people in that boat. Speaking of boats, remember the boat, on the sea in the storm. Jesus been in the boat. Jesus woke up. There was a period of time when when Jesus was in the boat, the the apostles were in the boat, and the storm was raging. There was a period of time when Jesus was sleeping, the storm was raging, and the apostles were terrified. 
And then Jesus woke up. And the power of Christ was more powerful than the storm. And he proved it, because he brought them the piece that was stronger than the storm. Unknown Speaker 9:17 That is the Jesus we serve. And that is the Jesus that can reach hurting and dying and hopeless souls in the world today, who have no other answer that will save them. I endeavor to know nothing else other than Jesus and him crucified. This is TJ on the Jesus network. It is time to change this nation. It’s time to change the planet